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Stave Off, Recover Faster from Colds & Flu
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Stay Healthy…Look & Feel Younger
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Speedy Recovery From Injuries, Soreness, & Nutrient Depletion
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Bounce Back From Jet Lag, Fatigue, & Dehydration
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IV Therapy is an Effective Treatment for Heart Disease
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Flush Away Toxins: Protect From the Inside Out
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Undo the Damage From a Night of Excess
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The Healing Powers of IV Nutrients


When vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients

are infused intravenously directly into

the blood stream, they bypass the potential loss

of potency and poor absorption in the

gastrointestinal tract characteristic of oral

nutrients. This makes Iv nutrients a

powerful treatment with numerous benefits.



How Can IV Therapies Help Me?


Anti-Aging                       Immune Booster

Asthma                            Jetlag

Chronic Fatigue             Nutrient Depletion

Cold & Flu Relief           Overall Wellness

Energize                          Sports Recovery

Dehydration                   Toxin Flush

I Feel Amazing!

First time here for anything and I decided to get a Myers cocktail after reading the positive reviews. Let me tell you, I feel amazing!

The drip lasted for about 45 minutes and contains a cocktail (hence the name) of essential vitamins for overall health and an immune boost. Who’s ready to go dance?

-Lee H., Costa Mesa

Immune Drip Nips Colds, Flu in the Bud

Whenever I feel like I’m starting to come down with a cold or flu, I head over to the Whitaker Wellness Institute for an IV immune drip. It contains high doses of vitamin C, which improves immune function. Believe it or not, I feel better almost immediately, and rarely does the “bug” get the best of me. My children (late teens, early 20s) also go to the clinic for immune drips, and they have the same experience.

-P.L.D, Newport Beach

I enjoyed myself from start to finish

Recently, I started some IV treatments.  The nursing staff is exceptional, compassionate and professional.  They are consistently good at what they do.  After several treatments, my experience has been painless and relaxing.  The IV room is very comfortable and peaceful.  While this was something I was dreading… I am actually enjoying the whole experience.

-Teresa, Cypress