Our IV Therapies

Energy & Vitality

Stay Healthy & Energized, Look & Feel Younger

You eat a healthy diet and take a daily multivitamin plus a handful of other nutritional supplements. So why should you add IV therapy to your health regimen? There’s an old saying, “You are what you eat.” Truth is, you are what you absorb, and IV therapy ensures maximum absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients essential for good health. Our Energy & Vitality IV is chock-full of nutrients that play key roles in a robust immune response, optimal energy, and overall health. This unique IV “cocktail” contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and selenium, high doses of calming B-complex vitamins, taurine for energy, as well as magnesium, zinc, chromium, and the gamut of trace minerals. If you want to stay well, reduce your risk of serious disease, increase your energy, look and feel fantastic, and maybe even turn back the aging clock, our Energy & Vitality IV is just for you.

Price $95
Length of infusion 45-60 min


Frequent Flyer

Bounce Back From Jetlag, Fatigue, & Dehydration

Whether it’s for work or for play, the hustle and bustle of traveling can take its toll. Changing time zones, getting up early for cross-country jaunts, experiencing dehydration after long flights, suffering the effects of jetlag—all these factor can run you ragged and leave you susceptible to fatigue and illness. That’s where our Frequent Fyer IV comes in. This unique blend of vitamins and minerals, helps rehydrate you, gives your immune system a boost, and reenergizes you from head to toe.

Price $120
Length of infusion 30-45 min


Hangover Helper

Undo the Damage From a Night of Excess

Most of us have been there: the headache, dry mouth, queasy stomach, and total-body assault that kicks in the morning after a night of overindulgence. Fortunately, our Hangover Helper IV has just the right ingredients to ease the pain and get you back on track. Rehydrating and rebalancing electrolyte levels is the number-one way to feel better, and our Hangover Helper IV fast tracks this process.

Price $95
Length of Infusion 40 min


Immune Booster

Colds, Flu, & Other Infections: Treatment & Prevention

Is a cold, flu, or other viral or bacterial infection getting you down? Our Immune Booster IV therapy will speed your recovery and help get you back on your feet. One benefit of this IV therapy is rehydration, which is especially important when you’re sick and dehydrated. The primary benefit, however, is vitamin C, a powerful nutrient that kills viruses and bacteria. When blood concentrations of vitamin C are very high—which can be achieved only through IV therapy—it interacts with iron to create hydrogen peroxide. The immune system’s white blood cells use hydrogen peroxide to target and destroy or damage viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, but it’s completely safe for healthy cells. Our Immune Booster IV can also be used preventively to bolster your body’s defenses against cold, flu, and other infections during cold and flu season or whenever you’re feeling a little run down.

Price $120
Length of infustion 45-60 min



Flush Away Toxins: Protect From the Inside Out

Every day we encounter a variety of environmental and household toxins. These include pollutants and chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the drugs we take—and even the waste products of normal metabolism. Reducing our toxic burden is essential for optimal health. The benefits of our Detox IV begin with hydration, as extra fluids help flush toxins and harmful substances from the system. Additionally, this unique IV is brimming with protective antioxidants and vitamins that help fight off free radical damage and naturally boost your body’s own detoxification mechanisms. Support your liver, kidneys, and other organs involved in the detoxification process with our Detox IV.

Price $210
Length of infusion- 30-40 min


Myers Cocktail

A Powerful & Versatile Infusion for Overall Wellness

Far and away our most versatile IV therapy is our Myers Cocktail. The name comes from the “cocktail” of invigorating vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it contains. This powerful nutrient infusion, delivered directly into the bloodstream over 45 minutes, boosts overall wellness and alleviates symptoms of a number of common health concerns and illnesses. If you need to boost your energy, alleviate allergies, relieve a migraine, bolster your immune system, fight fatigue, enhance your sports performance, or just feel better overall, our Myers Cocktail is for you. Relief is almost instant, and the benefits of this powerful therapy are long-lasting.

Price $120
Length of infusion 30-45 min


Sports Recovery

Speed Recovery From Injuries, Soreness, & Nutrient Depletion

Everyone who is active—from elite athletes to weekend warriors—can benefit from our Sports Recovery IV. Bouts of physical activity, particularly extreme exercise like long-distance running or intense workouts or competitions, can result in dehydration, nutrient losses, and sore muscles. Fortunately, we can help. Getting adequate hydration and replenishing lost electrolytes is the first step in the road to recovery. Our Sports Recovery IV has been formulated to help flush lactic acid out of the muscles and replace key nutrients lost through sweat and physical exertion. It also contains robust levels of protective antioxidants that help shield against the free radical damage that occurs during exercise. The end result is faster recovery, less downtime due to sore muscles, and the ability to get back in the game.

Price $120
Length of infusion 45-60 min


Therapeutic  IVs

Targeted Treatments for Serious Disease

Targeted IV nutrients are powerful treatments for a number of serious chronic diseases. For example, IV glutathione, our most abundant antioxidant, is a remarkable therapy for Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. EDTA, a protein that removes lead and other heavy metals from the body, enhances arterial health, improves circulation, and is a great treatment for heart disease. And very high-dose IV vitamin C actually kills cancer cells. To learn more about the therapeutic benefits of IV therapies click here.

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